Not all AI are made equal

Adam Gelencser
3 min readAug 25, 2022

We are all unique and so is AI.

Is there anything artificial intelligence can’t do? The new trending breakthrough is how AI can now take a sentence you type and turn it into a painting or an image. It is called, very imaginatively 🤣

text-to-image generator.

Like this

A dog with a hat

Or rather i should have used text-to-image generatorS. I have to use plural, because there are more than one created over the years. All with slightly different setup, created by different people around the globe and trained using different data.

You might think that because it is AI or because it just a dumb computer after all, these systems will produce the same images given the same text. But due to the slight deviations in their architecture and data, the images produced are slighly different. Similarly to us humans.

Just because we are all humans and have the very similar DNAs, we see the world differently based on that small differences in our biological set up and based on our training data (basically our life up until today).

Fabian Stelzer (on Medium) recently made a quick comparison of three well known text-to-image generators, which he published on his Twitter account, which you can see here, and you can also see some of them below:

Love the fact how politically sensitive Dall-e is by not allowing Trump imitations…🤣

AI is avoiding copyright claims by misspelling both LEGO and the Beatles…🤣

This all looks (and it is!!!) very impressive technology, until you test the limits and realise that the system is indeed just a dumb computer after all.

The limit testing is simply just giving the algorithm complete garbage words to work with…here are some of the results:

These four beautiful pictures were generated by Dall-e with the following text:

A farpapmaripterling lands on a feuerpompbomber.

or this picture:

generated by

An eidelucertlagarzard eating a maripofarterling.

or Woldenbüchel, which is a non existent word, but sounds like a beautiful village in the Alps and lo and behold, AI thinks the same, because it generated the following images.

There are a lot more of these and a whole research paper written on this topic which you can read here.



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