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A byte walks into a bar looking miserable. The bartender asks it: “What’s wrong buddy?” “Parity error.” it replies. “Ah that makes sense, I thought you looked a bit off.”

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Australian mum reveals how she got a stubborn stain out of her kitchen benchtops using bleach

An Australian mum has shared the unlikely trick she used to get rid of stubborn stains on her kitchen counter top. Posting to a popular Facebook group, the woman, from Ballarat, appealed to members to ask for suggestions to remove the red cordial sta… [3755 chars]

The Last of Us: Part I’s Emotional Intro on PS5 Has Leaked

The infamous introductory sequence of The Last of Us: Part I has leaked more than a month before the PS5 remake’s release date. Embedded below, you can prepare the tissues ahead of time as the emotional scene between Joel and Sarah is displayed in 4K… [678 chars]

Super Mario Sunshine Wasn’t Bad, It Was Just Ahead Of Its Time

As Super Mario Sunshine turns 20 on the 19th July, 2022, Kate wants to get a few things off her chest about how the game would have been a massive hit today, probably… ALRIGHT, LISTEN. Whenever I am in polite company, and I mention enjoying Super M… [3001 chars]

Why you keep seeing famous anime in your favorite games

Eren Yeager looks a little off in these new promotional materials. That’s because it’s not really him. It’s another character, in Yeager’s outfit, part of a collaboration between Attack on Titan and the multiplayer horror-game Dead by Daylight. And Y… [2507 chars]

It costs $255 to unlock everything in MultiVersus that can’t be earned by playing

Players would have to spend at least $250 / £200 to unlock everything in MultiVersus at launch. The Warner Bros. brawler’s open beta is available to everyone on July 26, but early access was made available today to those who played the closed alpha, … [3411 chars]

Development on Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2 continues but it won’t be at this year’s PDXCon

It’s been a long and eventful road for Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2, but despite its troubled development, which has included the removal of its original developer Hardsuit Labs, Paradox Interactive has popped up to assure fans that work co… [2445 chars]

$20K Bounty Is Being Offered To Anyone Who Can Complete Wild Halo 2 Challenge

Just the term “LASO” sends chills down even the most hardened Halo player’s spine. The term refers to completing a Halo campaign on its hardest difficulty — Legendary — with all of the gameplay-modifying Skulls turned on (LASO standing for Legendary … [1746 chars]

John Romero, Co-Creator of Doom, Is Making a New FPS

Doom creator John Romero and his studio, Romero Games, are working on a brand-new first-person shooter — one that will be utilizing Unreal Engine 5. What’s more it will purportedly be with a “major publisher.” “It’s a new dawn for Romero Games. We’re… [1491 chars]

Sony’s PlayStation Network is having problems

Sony’s PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store are experiencing technical issues, affecting account management and sign in, game streaming, and purchases and downloads. Some PlayStation users are attempting to log in to multiplayer games and being … [757 chars]

PSN Offline Issues Mostly Now Resolved

Update: As has been the case for some time, Sony has been prompted resolving its minor PSN outage from earlier in the day. All services are now back online and working as intended. Original Story: It’s not been a good day for PSN and Sony’s online se… [645 chars]



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