AI beats humans even in dealing with the issue of corporate sustainability.

Adam Gelencser
5 min readJul 27, 2022

According to worldwide study, artificial intelligence is better than humans in dealing with the issue of corporate sustainability.

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78 percent of people polled believe that businesses are not doing enough to address ecological and social issues.

96 percent of business leaders agree that human biases and emotions impede making sound judgments.

According to a new survey by Oracle and Pamela Rucker, a consultant and lecturer at the Harvard Professional Development Institute, people around the world want to see faster outcomes in sustainability and social activities and want firms to lead by example. According to a survey of over 11,000 consumers and business executives from 15 countries, people are dissatisfied with society’s lack of progress in tackling environmental and social challenges, and they feel that technology may help businesses succeed where humans have failed.

There is clearly a rising expectation to increase sustainability and social activities.

The events of the previous two years have focused attention on the subject of sustainability and social equality, and respondents worldwide are disappointed with the progress made in these areas:

  • Sustainability and social awareness are more essential than ever, according to 93 percent of individuals, and the events of the last two years have pushed 80 percent of them to modify their conduct.
  • 94 percent of respondents say society has made insufficient progress. 42 percent believe the lack of development is due to people being too preoccupied with other issues, while 39 percent believe it is due to many individuals favouring short-term advantages above long-term benefits and 37% believe individuals are too sluggish or self-centered to help rescue the earth.
  • 45 percent feel that enterprises can have a greater impact on environmental and social concerns than individuals or governments alone.
  • 78 percent are dissatisfied and frustrated with the lack of progress achieved by businesses thus far, and 89 percent feel it is not enough for corporations to state they prioritise environmental and…
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