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Adam Gelencser
4 min readMar 14, 2023

Quote of the day:

Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. Babe Ruth

Jokes of the day:

The web server reported a bad gateway error.

A perfectionist walked into a bar… apparently, the bar was not set high enough.

Top 10 news of the day:

Pixel 7a leaker beats Google to the punch, delivers high-quality photos

It appears that a test unit of the Google Pixel 7 meant for programmers has fallen into the hands of a leaker.

Zing News TL;DR Google has yet to officially announce the Pixel 7a, let alone show off the device. A leaker has posted high-quality hands-on photos of the upcoming phone. The Pixel 7a just recently had its specs leaked. In a turn of events that may s… [1466 chars]

The Witcher 3’s latest patch promises improved Performance Mode on consoles

CD Projekt has released a new patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, addressing a number of issues affecting the game’s tr…

CD Projekt has released a new patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, addressing a number of issues affecting the game’s troubled next-gen upgrade. The Witcher 3’s long-in-the-works next-gen update finally arrived late last year, but was plagued by repor… [1181 chars]

3DS eShop Spotlight — My Nintendo Picross: The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

#18 — Picross your heart — For the month before the 3DS and Wii U eShops close for new purchases on 27th March, each day w…

Who made it? Jupiter, or as they’re otherwise known, the Picross folk. What’s the premise? It’s Picross, but with Zelda: Twilight Princess pictures. Kinda obvious, really. Say what you like about that double-colon-ed title, but you know where you sta… [1132 chars]

Leaked Google Pixel 7a live images show off the phone from all angles

A new leak has revealed a few live photos of the upcoming Google Pixel 7a, showing off the phone from various angles.

What you need to know A number of purported Google Pixel 7a real-life photos surfaced in a new leak. The latest leak suggests that Google’s next mid-range model will look like the regular Pixel 7 model. Some of the Pixel 7a’s key specs have also been… [2505 chars]

A mystery ‘racing and flying’ game from EA has been added to the Xbox store

It’s claimed the new title isn’t the upcoming F1 23…

EA could be set to reveal a new racing or flying game soon, based on a fresh Xbox store listing. On Monday, reliable leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia said a new EA title had been submitted to the Xbox store backend. They said the new EA game is codenamed ‘… [1180 chars]

How to get Ash-Greninja before the 3DS eShop closes

If you want the Ash-Greninja with Battle Bond, you need to make sure to have the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo and Pokémon Bank downloaded before the eShop closes.

Ash-Greninja, also known as Battle Bond Greninja, is a special event Pokémon that you can only get one of through an event distribution. This distribution occurs through the demo version of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Note that if you do not download the p… [2335 chars]

Diablo 4 Director Says ‘No Plans’ for Xbox Game Pass as Beta Approaches

While Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is still in the process of being approved, there are currently no plans to put Diablo IV on Xbox Game Pass.

Activision Blizzard executive Rod Ferguson has confirmed that Diablo IV will not launch on Xbox or PC Game Pass and encourages players to try out the early access beta this upcoming weekend. “It’s awesome seeing the excitement around the Diablo IV Be… [2089 chars]

Report: Tim Cook Greenlit Apple’s VR Headset Release Over Objections of Design Team

A new report from the Financial Times claims that Apple CEO Tim Cook greenlit Apple’s rumored-VR headset despite objections from the company’s design team.

With increased odds that Apple may reveal its long-rumored mixed-reality headset, a new report suggests a troubled development and contentions on whether or not the headset is ready. The Financial Times reports that Apple’s operations team wanted to … [1258 chars]

Unplugged: Air Guitar Review (PS5 / PSVR2)

This game’s got the beat

Originally released on the Meta Quest, Unplugged: Air Guitar is a rhythm game where you, well, play an air guitar. You strum with one hand and move the other to different parts of the neck according to a note chart similar to games like Rock Band or … [1687 chars]

The new Outlook client will roll out to more users in April but they still have a choice

The One Outlook client has been in public testing for members of the Office Insider Program since May 2022. However, it looks like general availability will be served to more Outlook users soon.

It’s been almost 10 months since Microsoft first announced its new One Outlook client would start testing for members of the Office Insiders program. Now, it looks like the revamp of the email client will finally escape the testing phase and be made … [1056 chars]



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