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Adam Gelencser
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Quote of the day:

What you see in yourself is what you see in the world. Afghan Proverb

Jokes of the day:

Why are graveyards so noisy? Because of all the coffin.

Algorithm: A word used by programmers when they don’t want to explain how their code works.

Top 10 news of the day:

Japan Is Keeping Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Controller, Console Covers for Itself

Releasing “only in Japan”, says PS Blog — Sony is releasing an official Final Fantasy XVI themed PS5 DualSense controller …

Sony is releasing an official Final Fantasy XVI themed PS5 DualSense controller and set of PS5 console covers, but you won’t be able to buy either of them. That is unless you’re willing to import them from Japan. A post on the Japanese PS Blog has re… [711 chars]

Aliens: Dark Descent Trailer Lays Out Story & New Xenomorph

Focus Entertainment released a new trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent on Alien Day that went into its story and new threats.

It’s Alien Day and Focus Entertainment is celebrating by revealing more about its own Aliens game, Aliens: Dark Descent. This latest trailer may be labeled as a pre-order trailer, but it lays out the strategy game’s story and teases its new breed of … [1078 chars]

Apple’s new iOS 17 update could include a mood-tracking app and customizable lock screen

Apple’s annual event that will reveal its new iOS 17 is fast approaching and leaks highlighting amazing features are flooding the internet. These include a Mood tracker and Journaling app.

The event that all iPhone users anticipate is less than two months away, but features of the upcoming iOS 17 are flooding the web. Apple’s new operating system is set to come with various features that industry experts believe will change how we use … [3669 chars]

An £850-a-month oxygen chamber made me biologically younger

UK writer Alice Smellie investigates the latest anti-ageing trend: hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). It was originally developed to treat divers with the ‘bends’ but is now beloved by the rich and famous.

All is silent, save for my slow Darth Vader-style breathing. I am lying in a metal chamber with a transparent sliding door above me and a thick grey mask over my lower face. Once I’ve been coached in the — frankly slightly alarming — safety procedures… [8179 chars]

Researchers warn against Google Authenticator feature

When security researchers tested Google Authenticator’s new feature, they found that it didn’t provide end-to-end encryption.

Update, April 26, 2023 (03:29 PM ET): Christiaan Brand — who holds the title of Product Manager: Identity and Security at Google — took to Twitter to explain the news story below. His statement (broken up over four tweets) is reposted here for clarit… [1285 chars]

Android 14 Beta 1.1 is here to help save your phone from Google’s most frustrating bugs

So, so many bugs

The first Android 14 open beta arrived right on schedule this month, making it easier than ever for anyone with a supported Pixel phone to test out the next version of Google’s mobile OS. Unfortunately, as we — and thousands of other testers — found,… [1908 chars]

Twitch Has Banned KiaraaKitty for the 6th Time

Twitch bans controversial hot tub streamer KiaraaKitty for the sixth time in her career on the streaming platform and for the third time this year.

Following a recent stream, Twitch once again lowered the ban hammer on controversial hot tub streamer KiaraaKitty. This ban is KiaraaKitty’s sixth in her time on Twitch, and the third ban within 2023 alone. As a Twitch partner, KiaraaKitty is no stra… [2469 chars]

Pre-Orders Now Live For ‘Aliens: Dark Descent’, Alongside New Trailer [Watch]

Pre-orders for Tindalos Interactive’s upcoming ‘Alien: Dark Descent’ RTS are now available for consoles and PC.

Not one to have Free League Publishing be the sole source of goodies on Alien Day, Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive have revealed pre-orders for their upcoming RTS game Aliens: Dark Descent. Alongside pre-orders, a new trailer was dropped… [1502 chars]

Betrayal At Club Low is an RPG that actually respects your fleeting time on this earth

Betrayal At Club Low might actually be a better entry-point into RPGs than most classics of the genre, particularly if you’re over 30.

Confession time, everyone: I’m still only about 2.5 hours into Disco Elysium. Games journalism sin or what? Somehow, despite being primed by the excellent time I had with its demo five years ago, I just bounced off this one. I very quickly got stuck … [2886 chars]

AI Video Game From Square Enix Is Being Torn To Shreds

In an attempt to stay contemporary, Square Enix released an AI video game and it was totally destroyed by unhappy fans.

AI Video Game From Square Enix Gets Utterly Destroyed By Reviews Square Enix used AI to reboot The Portopia Serial Murder video game from 1983, and gamers were not happy. By Jason Collins | Square Enix apparently wants to be at the forefront of techn… [3114 chars]



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