5 Unique SaaS Ideas in Existing Markets — Innovation Amidst Competition

Adam Gelencser
3 min readOct 15, 2023

It’s an age-old saying that ‘competition validates the market’. Yet, even in validated markets, there exists a myriad of unaddressed nuances and pain points. For the discerning solo founder, these gaps aren’t challenges but opportunities. Let’s embark on an expedition to discover five SaaS ideas, rooted in established markets, that can be nurtured with a fresh perspective.

1. Supercharged CRM with Deep Personalization

Problem: While CRMs abound, many fail to offer deep personalization features, resulting in generic outreach efforts that lack the human touch.

Idea: A CRM tool that doesn’t just store customer information but deeply analyzes buying behavior, communication style preferences, and life events.

How It Works: By integrating with social media and email, this CRM builds a comprehensive customer profile. Now, when reaching out for a product pitch or a follow-up, communication feels personalized, timely, and relevant.

2. E-commerce Platform with Augmented Reality

Problem: Online shopping platforms are numerous, but product visualization remains a common issue leading to returns and dissatisfied customers.

Idea: An e-commerce platform that uses augmented reality (AR) to allow users to ‘experience’ products before buying.

How It Works: Planning to buy a vase? Use AR to place it on your table and see how it looks. Shopping for clothes? Visualize them in your space or even on an AR version of yourself to check for fit and style.

3. Health and Fitness App with Mental Wellness Integration

Problem: Fitness apps often focus solely on physical well-being, overlooking the intrinsic link between physical health and mental wellness.

Idea: A holistic health app that pairs workout routines with mental wellness practices.

How It Works: As users plan their weekly workouts, the app also suggests guided meditations, relaxation techniques, or mental exercises. After a high-intensity workout, it might recommend a calming meditation to balance…



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