5 Industries to Avoid as a SOLO SaaS Founder

Adam Gelencser
4 min readSep 20, 2023

In the digital age, the allure of sculpting a SaaS masterpiece is palpable. Solo founders, equipped with innovation, drive, and unparalleled passion, often find themselves on the precipice of breaking into the tech scene. However, the choice of industry can profoundly shape the trajectory of their journey. Echoing the insights and voices from platforms like Twitter and Medium, here’s a comprehensive dissection of five industries that might offer challenging terrain for solo SaaS founders.

1. Healthcare and Medical Records

Insight: @DocTechInsider on Twitter writes, “Venturing through HIPAA compliance and unraveling medical records complexities makes healthcare tech a challenging endeavor.”

Drawback: Healthcare’s intricacy isn’t just bound to medical knowledge. The sector is strewn with regulations, patient data privacy mandates, and evolving medical standards. Ensuring compliance while staying innovative is a herculean task.

Potential Win: Despite the hurdles, if one can innovate a user-centric interface or a specialized healthcare solution, there’s a vast market waiting. With healthcare digitization on the rise, opportunities for telehealth, patient management, and remote diagnostics abound.

Competition: While behemoths like Cerner and Epic have a stronghold, the vast healthcare landscape still has niches that remain relatively unexplored.

Verdict: The healthcare sector’s demands are extensive, but a well-researched, niche solution backed by compliant standards might just find its footing.

2. Banking and Financial Systems

Insight: A Medium post by @FintechGuru muses, “Beyond the facade of code lies the intricate, winding corridors of global financial regulations.”

Drawback: The world of fintech is vast. While the allure of digitized finance is strong, it’s a world that interweaves global economic systems, security imperatives, and the weighty responsibility of safeguarding personal finances.

Potential Win: If one can navigate this intricate labyrinth, realms like mobile banking, decentralized finance, and adaptive investment tools offer promising frontiers.



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