5 Groundbreaking SaaS Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs from Elon Musk

Adam Gelencser
3 min readNov 13, 2023

Drawing inspiration from Elon Musk’s forward-thinking ideas, here are five SaaS solutions that a solo data scientist could develop, addressing real-world problems highlighted by Musk.

Photo by Cody Board on Unsplash

1. Mars Habitat Simulation

Problem: Musk’s ambition to colonize Mars presents challenges in preparing for life in an alien environment​​.

Solution: A simulation SaaS that allows users to experience and plan for life on Mars, including habitat management and survival strategies.

Implementation: Utilizing virtual reality and detailed Mars data to create immersive simulations. Features could include pod living, resource management, and emergency scenarios.

Challenges: Gathering accurate Mars data and creating a realistic, engaging simulation environment would be complex.

Monthly Fee: Targeting space agencies, educational institutions, and space enthusiasts, a fee of $100-$500 per month could be viable, depending on simulation complexity.

2. Urban Tunnel Navigation System

Problem: Musk’s Boring Company addresses traffic congestion with underground tunnels​​.

Solution: A navigation SaaS specifically for underground tunnel systems, integrating with existing city traffic data.

Implementation: This system would provide real-time traffic updates, optimal route suggestions, and emergency alerts for tunnel users.

Challenges: Integrating with various city infrastructures and ensuring real-time accuracy would be major hurdles.

Monthly Fee: City administrations and private tunnel operators would be the main customers, with a fee ranging from $200-$1000 per month based on city size and complexity.

3. Global Internet Accessibility Tracker

Problem: Musk’s Starlink project aims to provide worldwide internet coverage​​.

Solution: A SaaS that tracks global internet accessibility and quality, highlighting underserved areas.

Implementation: The platform would use data from various sources, including…



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